Fry Sauce – it’s a Utah thing

Posted By Allison on Jun 15, 2012

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Fry Sauce

Stop into just about any Utah burger joint and you’ll find fry sauce. Part-ketchup, part-mayonnaise, this condiment is so beloved that many Utahns ask for a side of mayo when they travel out of state because they can’t eat their french fries without it.

Arctic Circle, a Salt Lake City-based burger chain, claims to have invented fry sauce in the 1950’s. The dipping sauce was a hit, and restaurants throughout Utah have put their own spin on it ever since. Arctic Circle’s recipe is “a lot more than just ketchup and mayo,” and is a closely guarded secret. The Training Table restaurant uses barbeque sauce in theirs and Crown Burger’s sauce more closely resembles Thousand Island dressing.

Fry Sauce is kept at the tables at the Purple Turtle in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Even national chains such as Chik-Fil-A have accommodated local tastes by stocking commercially packaged fry sauce in some stores. However, don’t ask for fry sauce at McDonald’s or In-N-Out. They don’t have it.

Personally, I love fry sauce. I don’t care for ketchup and would rather eat my french fries plain if that’s my only option. I like the creamy, fatty yumminess of mayonnaise and the combination of the two are just right for me. Just thinking about all those calories makes me feel guilty, but if it’s about calories, you probably shouldn’t have ordered fries in the first place.

I do NOT make my own fry sauce when I visit a place that doesn’t have it and I don’t even ask outside of Utah. However, when I make french fries at home, I will usually stir some ketchup and mayo together.

I think I know what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Fry Sauce is great with onion rings too!

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  1. I have seen people do this, and personally, since I don’t like ketchup or mayo, I think it is disgusting. But, at least i know it is a regional thing. It’s easier to accept that way:)

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  2. It’s pretty unusual here in Vancouver. Usually people will use either ketchup or mayo. I’ve always liked to mix the two but then add a generous layer of black pepper into the mix.

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  3. I like the sound of BBQ sauce and mayo. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of french fries, but I’ll probably make an exception to try fry sauce. Now I’ve just gotta get to Utah.

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  4. When we were in Amsterdam, we were served mayo as the condiment with every order of french fries (come to think of it, why did we eat so many french fries while there?!) I agree with you, felt a little guilty about the calorie count, but we all know those don’t matter when traveling anyway! ūüėČ

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  5. At first, I was thinking this was some sort of Saute Pan sauce. Then, I realized what the Fry referred to. I’ll have to give it a try if I get to Utah.

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  6. Ha ha! We made this in preschool way back when. They told us it was Russian dressing. Not sure they knew what they was at the time. I always thought it was a bit weird but I happily ate it on my veggies. Thanks for linking up this week!

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  7. I’ve found that if you put a little white vinegar into your mix of ketchup and mayo, it tastes perfect! I love fry sauce!

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  8. I was surprised to find while I lived in Argentina that a similar sauce was available known as “Salsa Golf.” My Utah upbringing showed all the time as I managed to find ways to put Salsa Golf onto EVERYTHING, although the Argentine’s already where using it as a burger and sandwich topping.

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    • Does Salsa Golf taste like fry sauce, or is it used in the same way? What’s in it???

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