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Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

Summer is such a great time to travel! Here are ideas to help you travel more for less money.

4 Money-Saving Secrets of a Traveling Family

4 Money-Saving Secrets of a Traveling Family

Hi! Want to travel more often? This time last year, my husband and I were trying to decide what we wanted to do for summer vacation with our family. Vacation expenses...

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15+ Ways to Save Money in Washington D.C.

15+ Ways to Save Money in Washington D.C.

Hello! Planning a trip to Washington D.C.? On a budget? We’ve been there. Our first family trip to Washington D.C. was over the 4th of July. We wanted to stay...

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10 Tips for Traveling on a Tiny Budget

10 Tips for Traveling on a Tiny Budget

Hello! Are you hoping to travel more this year? Who isn’t? That can be tough when your travel budget is tiny. Lodging, transportation, admission fees and other...

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How we saved 99% on Frontier Airlines

How we saved 99% on Frontier Airlines

Hey there! We’ve all heard stories of killer airfare deals, but unless you work for an airline, it can be tricky to fly for little or nothing. Airfares can be so...

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4 ways to save on National Park fees

4 ways to save on National Park fees

Did you know? The U.S. National Parks are a bargain any day of the year, but there are several ways that you can save money on entrance fees. Visit on a Fee-Free Day...

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20 Tips for doing Disney on a Budget

20 Tips for doing Disney on a Budget

Hello! Many families dream of planning a Disney vacation, but sometimes it can feel cost prohibitive. Multi-day theme park tickets for a family of four can quickly cost...

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Stuff like this makes my day!

Thank you so much for the tips! Of all the advice blogs I have read, in regard to family trips, yours was the most helpful and most accurate. Everything you said was correct and all of your advice helped me and my family enjoy (and survive) our first trip to Legoland.

I have found your site offers many valuable and useful tips of the area, tips that you’ll never find in any guidebook. I’ll just say thank you and let you know your site has been a great inspiration while planning our trip.

Followed a lot of your itinerary…it was extremely helpful in planning this trip! Thank you soooo much!

This is now on my list of places to see when my husband and I drive out west on our whirlwind trip. Thanks for putting the idea in my head and for the tips.

I am glad that I came across this guide! I will be in NYC in October and this will definitely come in handy!
Thank you!

Thank you so much for the information on your site! We just returned from a great family vacation to the Black Hills and enjoyed many of your recommendations and others that we passed along the way.

Thank you for such a valuable post.

A trip like this normally would stress me out… packing regular clothes AND costumes?! But the way you’ve broken down all of the important info should make it much less stressful. Thank you!

Great round-up of things to do in Salt Lake City. Perfect for anyone visiting or those that just want staycation ideas for the summer.

Thank you so much for this article. I also appreciate the insights found in the comments. I’m planning to go this year, after wanting to for so long, and this definitely helps.

Sitting here in San Diego planning our visit to various spots and your website is a great find. Thanks so much!

You are to the point!!! No talk about nonsense. I like that. You said tips and that’s what you gave us. THANKS !!!

We did Zion this August and I poured over your website in advance and can’t thank you enough for how it helped me prepare… I would put our day in the Narrows as our BEST day ever of vacationing so far in our parenting years… Thank you! And thank God for making Zion!!

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