Our travel savings jar

This is our travel savings jar. As you see, we are saving for a trip to Hawaii.

Like many people, we live on a budget. We avoid debt and do not carry credit card balances. So, we save for big vacations. A few months ago, we decided as a family that Hawaii is our dream vacation. I found a jar, my daughter decorated it, and we started saving.

This isn’t the only place our travel savings add up. We also have a bank account dedicated to our travel funds. We add money to it every month. We also build our travel savings with tax refunds and windfalls. The jar is symbolic, but the money in it adds up quickly. The jar is nearly empty in this photo because I had recently deposited $64 from the jar into the savings account.

Where do we find money for the jar? At our house, small change and bills from our pockets regularly find their way onto the counter, onto the dresser and into the laundry. All of that goes into the jar. Instead of spending the coins in your purse or wallet, add them to the jar. See a penny, pick it up… and put it in the jar. It’s a painless and nearly effortless way to save.

What’s your dream? What can you do today to move it forward?


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