Save Money in London With the Tesco Meal Deal

Posted By Allison on Aug 1, 2018

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Planning a trip to London? Hoping to keep costs down?

I love to try local flavors when we travel, but food is also one of the easiest areas to keep costs down on vacation. Buying ready-to-eat food at grocery stores lets us eat local and save money at the same time.

My sister visited London a few weeks before our trip and told us about the Tesco Meal Deal. Tesco is a grocery chain in the U.K. It was a great money-saving tip that we used all over London, and that I’m passing along to you.

Here’s how the Tesco Meal Deal works.

Pinterest photo of Tesco - Tesco Meal Deal

What is it?

The Tesco Meal Deal includes a main dish, side and bottled drink for £3. Main dish options included dozens of pre-packaged sandwiches and salads. Side options included crisps (chips), candy bars, and fruit. Drinks included bottled water and sodas. It was basic, but it worked.

My vegetarian son and my daughter who only eats ham and cheese both found sandwiches they liked. My husband and I tried something new every time. I loved finding new brands and flavors that we don’t see in the United States.

My family of four ate lunch for £12 with the Tesco Meal Deal. We bought our lunch in the morning and stored it in a day pack til we were ready to eat. We took our pack full of food through security at museums and other attractions, and it was never a problem. The weather was beautiful during our June trip, and it was always easy to find a nice spot outdoors for a picnic lunch.

Just about any day pack or bag will work, but here’s the pack we used in London and Paris, and everywhere else this summer. We used two small 20L packs for four lunches to avoid crushing anything.


Tesco stores are located all over London, and beyond. Find one near your lodging, and pick up your meal first thing in the morning. Or, use your smart phone to help you locate the nearest Tesco whenever you’re ready to eat. We walked nearly everywhere in London and spotted Tesco all over.

There are other markets that offer similar bundles, but those I saw were a pound or two more expensive than Tesco. That’s still a good deal, and worth a try if it’s more convenient or better quality.

Boy eating the Tesco Meal Deal

The Tesco Meal Deal saved us money that we were able to spend on theatre tickets and delicious restaurant dinners. Our picnic lunch on the lawn at Hampton Court Palace is one of our fun memories from London. It was convenient to take our Tesco lunches onto the train from London to Paris and eat on the way.

The Tesco Meal Deal was a great option for my family. I hope it works for yours too. Happy travels!

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  1. Most grocery stores and even some chemists (pharmacies) have similar meal deals in the UK. I’ve spent moths living/working in London and these deals help me save and avoid cooking. My favorites are at Marks & Spencer – they have lots of salads and fresh food and their food seems to turn over quickly, meaning it stays very fresh.

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    • Thanks so much for this information, and for the Marks & Spencer tip!

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