Custer State Park is a top-notch family destination

Posted By Allison on Jun 8, 2012

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Any time we travel in the vicinity of a national park, we make an effort to see it because they are nearly always worthwhile. I can’t say the same for state parks. I know that there are some amazing, must-see state parks out there, but too often, I assume that state parks are second-tier parks that didn’t make the cut.

After seeing Custer State Park in South Dakota, I stand corrected. There is nothing second-tier about this state park in the Black Hills.

Custer State Park in South Dakota's Black Hills is fun for families |

Iron Mountain Road – That’s Mount Rushmore in the center

Wildlife Loop

One of the big draws for us at Custer State Park was the chance to see wildlife such as bison, antelope, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, prairie dogs and wild turkeys and we did see several of these species on our trip. We drove about half of the wildlife loop before our first wildlife sighting, but these were hard to miss – the famous begging burros.

The begging burros are a feral herd that hang out near the road waiting for handouts from tourists. Many people, our family included, bring food with them specifically for this purpose. Expect a traffic jam because the burros are assertive and many tourists enjoy this opportunity to interact with the burros. Please use caution and common sense as you would with any wild animal. Custer State Park asks visitors to NOT feed wild animals. 

Custer State Park in South Dakota's Black Hills is fun for families |

Begging Burros

Scenic Drives

The whole park is a scenic drive but in addition to the Wildlife Loop, there ware two routes that we recommend. The first was Iron Mountain Road. This road winds through the Black Hills, offering excellent panoramic views of the area and occasional glimpses of Mount Rushmore.

The second scenic drive was Needles Highway. We took this winding drive on a rainy day. Some of the views were made more interesting by heavy fog, while others were obscured, so this is a drive I would like to do again sometime. The Needles Highway ends at Sylvan Lake, which would be a lovely place to boat, fish, hike or picnic.

Custer State Park in South Dakota's Black Hills is fun for families |


Dining at the Blue Bell Lodge

After our Needles drive, the rain was still pouring down when we decided to give the Blue Bell Lodge dining room a look. What I expected was an overpriced restaurant with mediocre food that that my kids would hate. What we found were moderately-priced lunch options and a paper children’s menu with crayons featuring our kids’ favorites: burgers and mac-n-cheese.

For grown-up palates, the house specialties are bison, steaks and trout. My husband and I both ordered bison burgers for about $10 each and we were happy with our choice. For a full-service restaurant in an isolated location, we thought it was a good value.

Custer State Park in South Dakota's Black Hills is fun for families |

Getting There

Custer State Park is located about 40 miles south of Rapid City, S.D. We didn’t dig deep into all the park has to offer on this trip, but outdoor enthusiasts can find hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing and camping throughout the park. I would love to stay at one of Custer State Park Resort’s four lodges – especially for a romantic getaway.

Ideas for a trip to the Black Hills | #SouthDakota


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  1. I’m loving all of your individual posts about South Dakota. About how much time did you spend in Custer State Park? Also, what food did you bring the burrows? If they tell you not to feed the animals don’t they get mad at all the people doing it?

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    • Thank you, Jillinda! We spent two days in Custer State Park and could have spent more. You can hit the highlights in one day, but it is large and there is a lot to do. Custer State Park will be our base for our Black Hills trip this summer.

      We brought raw carrots and apples for the burros, thinking they would be more nutritious than the cheese puffs we saw others feeding them. We drove through the Begging Burros twice and there was no park staff there to stop visitors from feeding them. At this date, I’m having a hard time finding a current official source online that clearly bans the feeding of this feral herd, beyond general advice to not feed the wildlife. I have found information advising visitors to use good judgement around the burros, and I second that. They are large and assertive. The burros are somewhat different from the other animals at Custer State Park because they are not native wildlife. The herd was brought to the area as domesticated animals in the 1930’s.

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