9 questions and answers about LEGOLAND Water Park in California

Posted By Allison on Mar 28, 2017

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Every time we go to LEGOLAND California in Carlsbad, California, there is something new to try. LEGOLAND Water Park was something we missed on our first couple of visits and my 9-year-old son BEGGED us to plan another San Diego trip so he could try it. We made it happen last October while we were there for Brick-or-Treat.

The rest of my family couldn’t get quite as excited about a water park in October, especially since there was so much going on in LEGOLAND California with Brick-or-Treat. So, my son and I enjoyed some one-on-one time at the water park, trying everything. It was a long and busy day (I recommend you spread it out a little more,) but we really had a great time together. That’s always the most important thing.

I had a lot of questions about LEGOLAND Water Park before we visited, and am answering them all here! Read on.

Is it one park or two parks?

It may technically be two parks, but it felt like one park with two sections: LEGOLAND Water Park and CHIMA Water Park. You use the same entrance for both and they are both included with your admission. Together, they are still significantly smaller than the adjacent LEGOLAND California park.

Here is the exception. LEGOLAND Water Park has just opened for the season while CHIMA Water Park is closed until Summer 2017. The new Surfer’s Cove section will also open in Summer 2017. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Do not assume that all sections of the water park will be open during the entire season – especially if it’s early or late in the season.

Have questions about LEGOLAND Water Park at LEGOLAND California? We have answers. Here is everything you need to know to have a great day | tipsforfamilytrips.com | Carlsbad | San Diego | summer vacation | travel | spring break

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What’s in LEGOLAND Water Park?

LEGOLAND Water Park has three main sections: a lazy river, a big Joker Soaker play/slide structure for older guests and a Duplo water play area for kids under age 6. There are lounge chairs everywhere. I recommend you set up camp near the area where you think you’ll spend the most time. Like LEGOLAND California, attractions in LEGOLAND Water Park are intended for children ages 2-12, but teens and adults can join the kids on most things.

Build a Raft River is a LEGO-inspired improvement on the lazy river. You will be given a single or double tube as you enter. Large LEGOS float in the river, and many of the tubes have building platforms, so you can build as you float.

The Joker Soaker zone is a big, colorful structure with a shallow pool, several large water slides and a tower that dumps 350 gallons of water every few minutes. My son and I had fun riding the Orange Rush slide together. This big slide has round rafts that accommodate 4-6 riders!

We did not spend time in the Duplo play zone because my son is older. However, it’s adorable and looks like a lot of fun for younger children. It is far enough from the Joker Soaker zone that you shouldn’t have to worry too much about big kids straying into the little kids’ play area.

We have avoided the Pirate Reef ride in LEGOLAND California on previous trips because it’s a soaker. I was delighted to find that this water ride is accessible from both the regular park and the water park. Riding it in my swimsuit was a lot more fun!

You’ll find lockers. restrooms and changing stalls near the LEGOLAND Water Park entrance. Tubes are not available to rent. If you need equipment for a slide, lazy river, etc., it will be provided.

Have questions about LEGOLAND Water Park at LEGOLAND California? We have answers. Here is everything you need to know to have a great day | tipsforfamilytrips.com | Carlsbad | San Diego | summer vacation | travel | spring break

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What’s in LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park?

The two main attractions in CHIMA Water Park are the play structure and the wave pool. The play structure has 50+ features, including several small slides. It’s the sort of thing you might find at your local aquatic center, but bigger and CHIMA-themed. It’s really fun for kids.

My son and I had a lot of fun riding the waves together in Lion Temple Wave Pool. It’s shallower than most wave pools I’ve seen, and nobody uses tubes.

The Master Builder in your life may spend a surprisingly long time at Eglor’s Build a Boat. This is a small, tabletop-size water course where LEGO fans build boats with LEGOS and send them down the river. My 9-year-old and other boys his age seemed to really love this small attraction.

What will be in Surfer’s Cove?

Surfer’s Cove sounds really fun! Expect two main features: Riptide Racers and Wipeout Lagoon. Riptide Racers is a racing water slide where guests ride mats down straight lanes to a finish line. Wipeout Lagoon will be a LEGO-themed splash pad. Street tacos – a San Diego specialty – will be sold in this new section of LEGOLAND Water Park.

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What should we pack?

Here are the essentials for your day at LEGOLAND Water Park. Most of these things are sold inside the water park in case you forget anything.

  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothing and grooming supplies for when you go back to the regular park

Food and drinks are sold inside the water park, but you can bring your own. Lockers are available for rent. I personally prefer to bring as few valuables as possible into the park and leave clothing and towels at my lounger. I use a dry bag like this one on Amazon.com so I can keep my phone, cash and credit cards with me in the water.

Is it warm enough to swim?

LEGOLAND Water Park is typically open from about mid-March through mid-October. The water park will open at noon on many days in spring and fall to ensure that you get the warmest temperatures of the day. The water is heated, but not overly so. Because there are so many activities, you’ll probably be in and out a lot.

Temperatures in March and October tend to be in the 60’s-70’s (Fahrenheit), while summer temperatures are more likely to be in the 80’s-90’s. Be sure to check the forecast before you trip.

My son and I visited LEGOLAND Water Park on the last weekend of the season in October. It was sunny and warm, but still a little cooler than we would have liked. He was ready to get back to LEGOLAND a little earlier than expected because of this.

Have questions about LEGOLAND Water Park at LEGOLAND California? We have answers. Here is everything you need to know to have a great day | tipsforfamilytrips.com | Carlsbad | San Diego | summer vacation | travel | spring break

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Can we purchase LEGOLAND Water Park tickets separately?

No. The LEGOLAND Water Park entrance is inside LEGOLAND California. LEGOLAND Water Park is an add-on option to your LEGOLAND California ticket.

How much time do we need?

You can do everything in LEGOLAND Water Park and CHIMA Water Park in 2-3 hours, but that won’t give you much time to relax and really enjoy it. If the weather is nice and warm, I recommend at least half a day at the water park. Most families will not need more than a full day.

If this is your first time at LEGOLAND, I recommend one full day for the theme park and a second full day for LEGOLAND Water Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium. If you only have time for one day at LEGOLAND, stick to the main park and save the water park for another trip.

There you go! I hope I’ve answered all your questions about LEGOLAND Water Park, and you’re all set for a great day with your family. If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.

Disclosure: LEGOLAND California provided me with complimentary media passes to LEGOLAND Water Park for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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Have questions about LEGOLAND Water Park at LEGOLAND California? We have answers. Here is everything you need to know to have a great day | tipsforfamilytrips.com | Carlsbad | San Diego | summer vacation | travel | spring break

Photo credit: LEGOLAND California

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  1. Thanks for the detailed information! We are headed there in August but will probably only have one day for Legoland Resort (unless we lose one day in Disneyland). Trying to decide if we could see both the waterpark and the main park in one day, and which day would be better to go. Saturday with slightly longer hours but higher crowd or Sunday (or Monday) with potentially less people but shorter hours? Any suggestion? Rides in the main park will not be as important since we will be in Disneyland for 5 days and two of my kids like the bigger rides found in Disneyland. Also thinking about renting a cabana…have you done that? What are your thoughts? I think it could be a good idea but no idea what location to even get the cabana. Thanks for your help and advice!

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    • I think that one day is about right for the LEGOLAND park on its own. You can do the water park on the same day, if you don’t mind missing some of the attractions and the extra expense. That’s what we did on our last visit. It sounds like one more day in Disneyland will be a better fit for your family than one more day in LEGOLAND.

      I recommend arriving before the park opens and riding the top rides like Ninjago before the crowds arrive and the water park opens. Once you’ve done your priority attractions, enjoy the water park. Return to the theme park for more LEGOLAND fun if you have time and energy at the end of the day.

      I have not rented a cabana. We had no trouble finding shaded lounge chairs on the day we visited at the end of the season, but a cabana is always a nice thing to have. It’s more comfortable and private and LEGOLAND cabanas come with some nice amenities. We spent most of our time at the big structure with the slides, so that would be my first pick for a cabana (#10-19). If you have a young child who will need more supervision and will stay mostly in the Duplo area, then cabanas #1-9 might be a better bet. All of those cabanas will keep you closer to the entrance, exit and lockers, so they’d be my first choice.

      Here’s a link to the cabana map so you can see the cabana numbers. https://endpoint910861.azureedge.net/globalassets/california/downloads/resort/uvid-49b9f6/legoland-california-cabana-location.pdf

      It sounds like a great trip! Have fun!!

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  2. Allison, you answered all the questions I had and more 🙂 Thanks for this awesome post. I do have a question about the dry bag. Was it okay being submerged in water? I know Amazon claims it is, but wanted to hear from someone who has actually used it. I have an iPhone 6 plus and would hate for the Joker Soaker to ruin it and lose all my pictures.

    Thanks in advance for the reply. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    • Hi Claudia. My dry bag is older and no longer sold on Amazon, so I chose another that had strong reviews. My dry bag has served me well on several trips, including river rafting and snorkeling, so I know there are good ones out there. Good luck!

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  3. Are kids allowed to wear water shoes?

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    • I don’t recall a requirement either way. I’m guessing water shoes would be fine.

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