3 ways to use packing cubes

Packing cubes help you organize your luggage. Here are 3 ways they will make packing for your next trip better. | tipsforfamilytrips.com

A year ago, I was impressed by the reviews of eBags Packing Cubes I had read from other travel bloggers, and I decided to give them a try. I purchased four sets of bags in different colors – one for each member of my family – for about $30 each through Amazon.com. I’ve used them on half a dozen trips since then,

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Why we were wowed by Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park for families | tipsforfamilytrips.com #SouthDakota

Badlands National Park defies the imagination. Rising eerily out of the green prairies of South Dakota, the painted hills of Badlands could not be more different than the Black Hills a few miles to its west.  It’s desolate, but beautiful. What is there to do at Badlands National Park for families? Here are our recommendations. Hiking Badlands has hiking trails and

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New 2015 Amusement Park Attractions in U.S. and Canada

New 2015 Amusement Park Attractions | tipsforfamilytrips.com

Are you amusement park junkies? Do your kids measure their height in terms of which roller coaster they will be allowed to ride this summer like mine do? If so, you will love this compliation by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) of new attractions opening this year, including innovative roller coasters, guest-immersive dark rides, and experiences based

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Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel Caters to Families

Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District hotel caters to families | tipsforfamilytrips.com

The Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District hotel in downtown Philadelphia is an ideal location for families visiting historic Philadelphia. Located on the same block as the Christ Church Burial Ground and Benjamin Franklin’s grave, this section of Philadelphia is teeming with history. You can stay right in the heart of it all at the beautiful Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. Here are

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25 FREE things to do in Salt Lake City

25 FREE things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah | tipsforfamilytrips

There are lots of free ways to enjoy Salt Lake City with kids. Whether you’re vacationing in Utah, or you’re a local family looking for ways to get out of the house on a weekend or school break, we have a list of ideas. Here are my favorite FREE things to do in Salt Lake City with kids. Parks and Gardens Liberty

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Love dinosaurs? Don’t miss the Utah Field House of Natural History

Tips for visiting the Utah Field House of Natural History | tipsforfamilytrips.com

The Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal exceeded my family’s expectations. I had visited this museum years before as a teen, and remembered a dusty, old-fashioned museum full of dusty old dinosaur bones. On our last trip, I found that the old building was gone. A new museum with indoor and outdoor dinosaur exhibits and loads of hands-on and immersive experiences

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3 Travel Trends for Families in 2015 – John Golicz Interview

Top 3 Travel Trends for Families | Tips for Family Trips Interviews John Golicz

Katie recently interviewed John Golicz, creator of The Travel & Adventure Show Series, which attracts over 130,000 people annually and is the largest series of travel shows in the United States. We are excited to share what we learned about the top 3 travel trends for families in that interview. More tips from John Golicz can be found at 1000TravelTips.com.  Katie: Thank you

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