Should you buy a New York CityPASS?

Should you buy a New York CityPASS? Find out at

CityPASS is a discount program available in 11 major North American cities and it is a great way to save money at New York City’s top attractions. You can bundle and save on admissions by purchasing a New York CityPASS ticket book. Purchase the New York CityPASS online or at any of the included attractions. Many popular attractions offer skip-the-line benefits for

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National Museum of Bermuda for Families

National Museum of Bermuda

The National Museum of Bermuda, formerly known as the Bermuda Maritime Museum, is a fascinating place to discover the interesting history of Bermuda.  Spread over several acres and many buildings, the National Museum of Bermuda is located in a fort at the old Royal Naval Dockyards.  This unique layout makes the museum ideal for families.  The grounds have room to run, statues to

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6 Tips for packing light

Tips for packing light |

Packing light is a challenge on every family vacation. Most airlines now charge for checked bags, and overhead bins are stuffed. There is only so much cargo space in the family car. Cruise ship cabins are ridiculously small. And, who wants to haul unnecessary suitcases into a hotel room or vacation home? Nobody, that’s who. The solution is to pack less and pack

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