6 Tips for packing light

Tips for packing light | tipsforfamilytrips.com

Packing light is a challenge on every family vacation. Most airlines now charge for checked bags, and overhead bins are stuffed. There is only so much cargo space in the family car. Cruise ship cabins are ridiculously small. And, who wants to haul unnecessary suitcases into a hotel room or vacation home? Nobody, that’s who. The solution is to pack less and pack

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Historic Fort McHenry for Families

fort mchenry

Fort McHenry, famously known as the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner, is a historic fort in Baltimore, Maryland.  In September 1814, the British navy needed to control Fort McHenry to invade Baltimore.  The brutal attack lasted 25 hours. Francis Scott Key, an attorney attempting to negotiate with the British to free a prisoner of war, observed the battle from a British boat in the

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Tips for Family Trips partners with Get Away Today

Get Away Today for family vacations via tipsforfamilytrips.com

I’m pleased to announce that Tips for Family Trips has partnered with Get Away Today Vacations through their affiliate program. I was excited about this opportunity because I was already a satisfied customer. Get Away Today bundled our Disneyland hotel and theme park tickets for a competitive price, so planning my daughter’s 6th birthday at Disneyland could not have been easier.   Get Away

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Explore Picturesque Cunningham Falls State Park

cunningham falls state park

Cunningham Falls State Park, nestled in the picturesque Catoctin Mountains of Maryland, will appeal to families of all ages.  Just a little over an hour outside of Washington D.C., Cunningham Falls State Park is a nice escape from the city.   Cunningham Falls State Park is divided into the William Houck area and the Manor area, which both offer unique activities.

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