My new favorite burger: Tonyburgers

Posted By Allison on Aug 17, 2012

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My family likes hamburgers and we eat them far too often, but most burgers satisfy me just because they are burgers. I have found that you usually get what you pay for and local businesses nearly always serve better burgers than huge chains. However, I have eaten few burgers that made me say “Wow!” until I met Tonyburgers.

Tonyburgers promotes its proprietary blend of “top-quality sirloin, chuck and brisket that is ground fresh daily and hand pattied.” A large variety of toppings, including several cheeses and dressings, are included in the price. Tonyburgers also makes its burger and salad dressings in-house. The “Wow!” factor for me was the contrast of hot meat with ice cold lettuce. The jalapenos and spicy sauce I selected gave it extra kick. All that freshness on a toasted bun kept me happy to the last bite.

We visited the new Tonyburgers restaurant at 1917 W 1800 N in Clinton, Utah. Tonyburgers can also be found at 613 E. 400 S. in Salt Lake City, though when I’m in that neighborhood, I’ll still have a hard time choosing Tonyburgers over our sentimental favorite, Hires Big H.

I ordered the regular burger, not the Big T, which boasts two 1/4 lb. patties. My 1/4 lb. burger seemed small, but the portion was just right. Most large restaurant burgers leave me overstuffed. My combo included a generous helping of shoestring fries – too many to finish. Tonyburger’s self-serve condiment station featured not one, but TWO varieties of fry sauce: regular and hickory. Yay!

My children both ordered kids meals, which are advertised to both kids and adults with smaller appetites. I may order one next time because the burger and fries portions looked just right for a lower price. My kids give Tonyburgers a lukewarm review because their meals didn’t come with a toy or playplace, but they did well in Tonyburgers’ casual atmosphere.

Tonyburgers’ menu is short. It’s a restaurant that subscribes to the concept of doing one thing well. Make that two things, because Tonyburgers also has a salad menu that looks pretty good.

We topped off our meal with a chocolate malt to share. At $4 each, we weren’t about to buy everyone their own, especially on full bellies. Like a lot of burger places, Tonyburgers declares that its shakes are the best. According to the Standard-Examiner newspaper, “They are made with real hard 20 percent butterfat vanilla ice cream and are hand scooped and spun like the diners of old.” I’m sorry to say that it didn’t earn my undying loyalty, though our chocolate malt was good, and served with an extra-wide straw.

Speaking of undying loyalty, I’ll be back for another burger.


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  1. I love tonyburgers my husband wasn’t as impressed as I was but I thought it was really good. I’m sad there used to be a location in centerville and now it’s closed. : (

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    • Salt Lake City has so many really good burger places that it’s hard to choose a favorite. Tonyburgers holds that spot for me, for now…

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