5 reasons for renting a vacation home

Posted By Katie on Jul 8, 2013

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renting a vacation home

A beautiful rental home at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.

Renting a vacation home is a wonderful alternative to hotel rooms for a family who travels.  I realized how much I hated sleeping in hotels with a family of five young children when I slept my three-year-old in the bathtub to give her a quiet place to fall asleep. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have sat in the hallway outside our hotel room door, waiting for the little ones to fall asleep before we quietly crept in to plug our earphones in and watch a movie on the laptop.

I have discovered that a vacation feels much more like a vacation to me if we rent a vacation home rather than stay in a hotel.

Here are five reasons why renting a vacation home might be right for you.

1.  Personal space

Renting a vacation home gives everyone in your family a little more room to breathe, relax, and sleep.  I love being able to put my children to bed at a reasonable hour, close the door, and still have a peaceful hour or two of adult time as I wind down from a fun day of vacation.  Nothing says vacation like stretching out on the sofa with a cool drink after the kids are in bed.  A beautiful yard and place for kids to easily play while on vacation is another benefit of renting a vacation home.

renting a vacation home

Renting a vacation home gave us plenty of room for a kickball game.

2. Food

Imagine having a large fridge to stock up on your kids’ favorite foods or store your son’s prescription antibiotic while on vacation.  I love waking up and knowing that I have favorite foods to feed my hungry children as soon as they wake up.

3.  Cost savings

While renting a vacation home may initially appear more expensive than a hotel room, the cost savings from being able to prepare your own meals quickly add up.  I love to take a vacation from cooking as much as the next mom, but I also hate throwing away money on kids meals that go untouched.  My compromise is usually breakfast at home, packing a lunch for the day, and then eating dinner out.  However, sometimes my frugal husband decides that he would rather cook at “home” than drop $100 on dinner for the family, which helps stretch our vacation budget.

Often the amenities at a vacation home are part of the vacation themselves.  We save money by enjoying the things available at our rental homes, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, beaches, etc.

Our favorite family vacation destination is the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The vacation homes we rent in Corolla, NC, include access to beaches, swimming pools, shuttles to/from the beach, tennis and basketball courts, sand volleyball, playgrounds, shuffleboard, classes at the Wildlife Preserve, kayaking on the sound, bikes, etc.  Typically our only expense on a week-long vacation is gas, food, and lodging since all the entertainment is rolled up into the cost of our rental home, which makes it a very affordable vacation.

renting a vacation home

Kayaking off the dock of our vacation rental in Corolla, NC.

4.  Friends and family

Traveling with another family or two might not fit everyone’s style, but if your idea of a vacation is putting the kids to bed and settling down to chat with friends, play a game, or watch a movie, then a renting a vacation home might be the perfect solution for you.  Many large homes can accomodate multiple families so the kids can enjoy nightly sleepovers, and the adults can relax together in the evenings.

5.  Destination vacations

I love a good road trip, but sometimes it is nice to travel to your destination and enjoy your vacation without packing up each morning and settling in a new place each night.  I love arriving at a vacation home, putting my clothes into the drawers, and knowing that I can stay put for the duration of my vacation.  Choose the beach or the mountains, a city rental or one in the countryside.  Renting a vacation home has gone mainstream and you can now find vacation rentals of any type across the globe.

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Websites for Renting a Vacation Home

If I’ve convinced you to give it a try, there are hundreds of websites for renting a vacation home.  Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:





Katie is a busy mom living in Northern Virginia with her husband and five children ranging in age from toddlers to teens. When she isn't traveling, she is planning her next trip. Katie loves all types of travel, but she especially loves beach vacations. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a favorite family destination.


  1. Katie,
    Thanks for telling me about Corolla Light in the Outer Banks. We went in June and LOVED it! We also rented through Brindley Beach and highly recommend renting with them. We locked ourselves out of the rental house and they were there within minutes to let us in. You know your stuff when it comes to family vacations 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what else you and Alison recommend.

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    • So glad to know your family went, Hollie! More posts coming soon about fun things to do in Corolla. I’m so glad you went and enjoyed that beach vacation!

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