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Posted By Allison on Nov 1, 2017

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Want something that will make packing easier? Who doesn’t?

Several years ago, I purchased four sets of eBags Packing Cubes in different colors – one for each member of my family – through Amazon.com. I’ve used them on many trips since then, and they have been a great way to organize our stuff for a trip. My sister even borrows them for her family’s big camping trip each year and my eBags still look like new.

I fill the bags with clean clothes before the trip, and then re-fill them with dirty clothes to get home. When my lotion oozed on a plane trip, the eBag kept the mess away from the rest of the suitcase. I toss my eBags into the washer and dryer with our vacation laundry and they come out looking like new.

Here is how I use my eBags Packing Cubes.

3 Ways to Use Packing Cubes | tipsforfamilytrips.com | packing tips | travel gear


On a Spring Break road trip to Phoenix, we stayed somewhere different nearly every night. I didn’t want to haul all our bags in and out of a hotel every day, so I packed one suitcase with our pajamas, swimwear, toiletries and other items we needed every day. We had 3 other suitcases of fresh clothes, and just brought one of those in each night.

All the pajamas were in one large packing cube, and all the swimsuits were in another. I used the small bags for toiletries. Organizing our stuff is my favorite way to use packing cubes.

The packing cubes kept the everyday suitcase organized, so it was easy to find what we needed quickly and move things around without making a mess. The cubes also made it easy to collect pajamas and swimwear in the morning and drop them in the suitcase. Since the cubes weren’t stuffed full, they fit the contours of the case and filled in all the space. They also kept dirty items separate from clean items.

3 Ways to Use Packing Cubes | tipsforfamilytrips.com | packing tips | travel gear


On our trip to New York , we packed everything for 10 days in one large checked bag and two backpacks because we planned to leave the airport during a 6-hour layover in Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. We wanted to avoid taking suitcases into Philadelphia, and to minimize bag check fees. Packing cubes made it possible.

Packing cubes allow you to fit more clothes into a smaller space, and keep them organized. I was surprised to find that I could fit four outfits for my children (ages 7 and 10) in one small eBag each. It helped that their wardrobe consisted of lightweight shorts and tees.


To maximize your luggage space, unzip the packing cube halfway and roll the clothing to fit the bag. Keep pushing the rolled clothes to the back of the bag until it is full. The bag will help compress everything so it takes less space than it would otherwise.

There are a few disadvantages to this method, so I only use it when space is the top priority. First, rolling and stuffing takes more time than I want to spend over the suitcase, especially when I’m the only one doing it for four people. Second, the bags do not fit the contours of the suitcase as well when they are stuffed full. Third, clothes may require more ironing when they are packed tight.


Last summer, we took a camping trip with my extended family to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Our tent had limited space for storing luggage and our van was parked a few steps away. I filled our large suitcase with one large packing cube for the family for each day. Instead of bringing all of the clothes into the tent, we just grabbed the one or two cubes we needed. Clean clothes came in the tent and dirty clothes went out every day. This method really kept the tent clutter down.

eBags packing cubes have handles, so I use them like mini-suitcases. On one weekend road trip, I ran out of space in the suitcase for shoes, so I put them in a large packing cube and tossed them in the van separately.

Here are a few more tips, before you buy.

Packing cube sizes

It’s nice to have a variety of sizes and colors if you are packing for a family. However, nobody in my family consistently gets the same color because when it comes to getting everything into a suitcase, having the right size matters more than having the right color. The colors and see-through mesh make it easy to tell one bag from another.

The sets I bought came with one small, medium and large bag each. I have never used all 12 of our packing cubes for a single trip, but I do like having all three sizes handy.

Where to buy

You can find eBags packing cubes on the eBags or Amazon websites. Click the buttons below to check options and pricing.

Have you used packing cubes? Please share your tips in the comments!

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  1. I never thought of using packing cubes before, yet I always travel very light and I’m always looking for ways to save space. It’s time I give them a try.

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  2. I have never used packing cubes but they look fantastic. We try to travel hand luggage only wherever possible and these would be perfect for this.

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  3. I’ve been wondering about these. Very cool

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  4. Great ways to use packing cubes. We love our set and I’ve been contemplating purchasing more to pack all the families clothing and gear.

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  5. Can I just say we never go anywhere without our packing cubes? I have been using these for years to sort the clothes for each child (each one has a separate colored bag for their clothes). So helpful to just be able to take out at the hotel and have each kid know where their clothes will be the entire time. Love these!

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  6. I have never used these before but I have used random small bags that have been lying around the house (i.e. plastic bags) to pack shoes / underwear / toiletries etc.. These seem like a much better way to pack!!

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  7. OK, I never would have thought to try these until reading your article! Great tip!

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  8. I’ve used cubes for several years and agree they work great. Our family uses Ospre Transporter duffles when we travel and cubes keep them organized.

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  9. I’ve always thought about trying these, but haven’t actually purchased them to try. Sounds like they’d be a good investment option!

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  10. I was reluctant to buy cubes for a long time because they seemed so expensive, especially compared to the Jumbo baggies I was using. I found some cheap ones in Asia and am really liking them. I typically use them to sort clothes by child with each kid assigned their own color. One bag each for daytime clothes and another bag for PJs, undies and socks. Clean clothes stay in the cubes and dirty ones are loose in the luggage.

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  11. I thought I was organized, but man, this is organized! I like the idea of not bringing suitcases into the room each night on road trips, but the ideas of all that forethought kind of exhausts me!

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    • Thanks, Eileen! I’m not sure if we were really as organized as it sounds, but I’ve found that packing by the day instead of by person works best for us. In the end, whatever works for your family is the right way!

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  12. I see myself using the small cubes for toiletries, but I’m not sure I would figure out how to pack the big ones. I generally pack my clothes flat. I’ll have to think about that.

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  13. I LOOOOOOVE packing cubes. I travel for work just about every week so I have a set cube for each category of item, and then never really have to unpack my bag. Just take out the dirty clothes and put new clothes into each category cube — biz clothes in the big cube, workout clothes in the medium, underwear in the small.

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    • That sounds like a great way to keep everything organized for frequent travel!

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