Seven Sisters Waterfall in Grenada

Posted By Allison on May 11, 2012

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Seven Sisters Falls

Grenada’s Seven Sisters Waterfall is located inside Grand Etang National Park, a short drive from the cruise ship dock in the city of St. Georges. We hiked to the Seven Sisters Falls during an anniversary cruise without our children and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

The first part of the hike is a wide dirt road through a private plantation. Our guides pointed out the varieties of fruit and spices growing along the side of the trail and let us taste raw cacao fresh from the tree. The trail then narrowed and plunged into the lush green rainforest.

Getting There

Grenada has a reliable public bus system that goes through Grand Etang National Park and until the day before our ship stopped at Grenada, we planned to save money and avoid other tourists by using the bus or hiring a tour guide at the dock to get to the Seven Sisters trail head.

After experiencing different taxi systems in other ports and a disappointing day in Dominica, we were no longer willing to take our chances. We marched down to the ship’s excursion desk and signed up for the Seven Sisters Waterfall tour. This was a good decision for us. We didn’t waste time finding transportation and there was no worry about getting lost or missing the trail head, which is unmarked.

After our trip, I exchanged e-mails with a cruise ship traveler who did use the bus. They walked 30 minutes after the bus dropped them off just to get to the trail head. Once on the hike, the trail was so muddy that they had a hard time keeping track of it. They joined a van tour to get back to the dock and had just enough time to walk around the fort and shop for spices before getting back on the ship.

Wear a swimsuit under your clothes if you want to swim. Wear sturdy shoes with good traction as well. The only bathrooms on the hike are outhouses at the trail head. There is a shaded picnic area and a small shop that sells cold drinks at the trail head. If you are not on a tour, there is a small fee for the Seven Sisters Waterfall hike.

Lush vegetation at Seven Sisters trailhead

How Strenuous is the Seven Sisters hike?

I am an experienced hiker, but my love of cruise food is greater than my love for the gym and I get wheezy when I hike steep terrain. So, I was concerned about how strenuous the Seven Sisters Waterfall hike would be. Here is what I wanted to know:

  • The hike is about one mile each way.
  • Parts of the hike are steep and rugged, but not all of it. It is mostly downhill on the way there, and uphill on the way back.
  • The trail could be wet and muddy in many places, though it wasn’t bad on the April day we were there.
  • Your guides, if you have them, will want a tip and referrals from you at the end of the hike, so they will do their best to give you a good experience. Our guides literally held our hands through the steep and rugged parts. One guide took adventurous hikers farther up the falls while another started back sooner with slower hikers.

One woman with knee problems struggled on the climb back to the trail head, but other than that, none of our mostly middle-aged group appeared to have trouble with this hike. I would do this hike again without hesitation.

Swimming at Seven Sisters Falls

After the tour, we still had time to relax on Grand Anse beach and shop for exotic spices before boarding the ship. Grenada was my favorite of the five beautiful Caribbean islands we visited on our Eastern Caribbean cruise.

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  1. Beautiful! We were in Grenada three years ago on a cruise stop too. We only made it to one portion of Grand Etang National Park so it’s great to see this area we missed. What a great hike and we missed the beach too. We went to a coffee and spice plantation. I still have some spices but not sure how useful they still are but I like looking at them =) They made for great souvenirs.

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  2. Hiking to the falls and swimming in the pool beneath sound like an amazing way to spend part of the day. Grand Anse Beach looks gorgeous too!

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  3. Tumeric has many beneficial properties, you can even buy the tablets in the health food store. I use allspice in soups and stews, it has such a lovely flavor.
    And yes, honking the horn is like waving or saying hello.
    Grand Anse Beach looks beautiful.

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  4. How beautiful! The last picture kind of reminds me of Italy somehow with the umbrellas at the beach and the green in the background. Would love to swim in the water in front of the waterfalls.

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  5. I was supposed to go to Grenada before it was flattened by Ivan and the airline cancelled our flight. So glad to see it’s bounced back and I can’t wait to finally get there!

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  6. I went island hopping in the Caribbean for an entire month, mostly used public buses to get anywhere – including trail heads – and everything was fantastic. I just wish that those highly polluting and landscape defacing cruise monsters/boats disappeared from the surface of the earth.

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