Favorite Photo: Idaho Potato Museum

Posted By Allison on Jun 24, 2012

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This might have been our 2008 Christmas card photo. Never mind that we were on our way home from a wonderful week in Yellowstone National Park. This was the photo I hoped would make us look good because the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho is the kind of quirky roadside attraction we love.

The museum is small, but at $3 per adult, so is the admission. It features the exhibits you would expect on the history of the potato and farming in Idaho, but visitors will also find the world’s largest potato chip, a “potatoe” autgraphed by Dan Quayle and a potato-sack suit. We received cartons of hash browns with our paid admission.

In the end, we used a closer shot of our smiling faces from a different part of this vacation for the Christmas card, but my memories of the Idaho Potato Museum still make me smile. It’s not an attraction that everyone will enjoy, but if you love quirky museums as much as we do, add it to your next Idaho itinerary.

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  1. I LOVE that it is a baked potato!

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  2. We love the cheesy roadside attractions, too. It’s all about slowing down and enjoying the little things. This one made me smile – thanks!

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  3. I love quirky little museums like this too! We are going to be in PEI this summer which is also known for its potato crops and I think there may be a potato museum that I can drag my kids to!

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  4. Now I know why I like you so much! I love crazy roadside attractions.

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  5. Such a cute photo I want to see which one beat this for your Christmas card. We love quirky roadside attractions too. The weirder, the better. They make for fun memories.

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  6. Fun photo! Gotta love photos like these! Thanks for linking up this week!

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