St. Lucia Excursions: Treetop Adventure Park

Posted By Katie on Feb 17, 2015

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Spending a week in St. Lucia or just stopping for a day on a Caribbean cruise?  If you want to experience the beautiful rainforests of St. Lucia, make Treetop Adventure Park one of your St. Lucia excursions.

My husband and I visited St. Lucia on a scuba diving trip without the kids, but the day we did the zip line and cycling tour at Treetop Adventure Park, I really wished my children had been with me.

St. lucia excursions

Treetop Adventure Park is a great excursion for cruise passengers, but it worked for us staying on the island as well.  The park offers transfers between cruise ships and the adventure park, and they will ensure you return to your ship on time.

Treetop Adventure Park offers many types of adventures, including zip lining, cycling, and hiking.  The canopy tour on the zip line is their most popular excursion, and we loved it, but my favorite part of the day was the cycling tour.  Here is what you can expect at Treetop Adventure Park in St. Lucia.

St. lucia excursions

Treetop Canopy Adventure

The canopy adventure has 12 zip lines that are among the highest and fastest in St. Lucia.  This was my first zip line experience, and I have a great fear of heights, so I was nervous about this outing.  I am happy to report that I felt like Treetop Canopy Adventure was incredibly safety conscious, and and I never felt nervous.

We zipped along at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, safely tethered into our harnesses.  My favorite part of the canopy adventure was the beautiful view as we zipped over lush greenery and streams.  On a humid day in the islands, the rush of flying through the trees was cool and exhilarating.

Rainforest Cycling Adventure

After we finished the zip lines, we took off on our rainforest cycling adventure.  Again, I wasn’t sure what to expect of a two-hour cycling tour, but we took plenty of breaks to rest in the shade and this adventure was my favorite part of the day.  The paths were paved most of the way, and while we went up and down a few hills, I didn’t find the outing too strenuous.St. Lucia excursions

I loved this tour because our guide took a small group of us and introduced us to all the spices, fruits, and trees growing on the island.  We smelled lime and lemon leaves, picked and shelled nutmeg, and scraped fresh cinnamon from the bark of a tree.  Our guide scrambled up coconut trees to bring us green and yellow coconuts to sample.

We drank refreshing coconut water to rehydrate us, and tried warm, juicy grapefruit fresh from the tree.  I loved this eco-tour because I learned things about the rainforest I didn’t know.  For example, a cacoa bean is purple before it is roasted, and the white membrane that surrounds it is sweet and tastes delicious.  I learned how to tell the difference between plaintains and bananas, and also learned that mace is red and grows around the outside of a nutmeg seed.

Our guide was friendly and personable and we loved our cycling tour with Treetop Adventure Park.  At the end of the ride, we rested at the base of beautiful Dennery Falls.  I wished I had brought my bathing suit to swim and cool off in the water.  This adventure would be educational and exciting for anyone old enough to ride a bike.

st. lucia excursions


  • Wear closed-toed sandals or tennis shoes.  No flip flops.
  • Bring or wear a bathing suit so you can swim and cool off in the water at Dennery Falls.
  • If you are staying on the island, arrive early to avoid the cruise ship crowds and you will not wait at all.
  • Costs vary based on how many activities you choose.  They offer a discount for children under 12.  Check out their online reservations for details.

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