5 Fun Ways to Gift Wrap a Disney Vacation for Christmas

Posted By Kimberly on Oct 2, 2018

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Can you believe that the holiday season is just around the corner? This year has gone by in a blink.

Last-minute shopping, family gatherings and searching for the perfect present are all a part of the holiday fun. More families are giving vacations and other experiences as gifts because it’s a gift that you can enjoy for a lifetime through priceless family memories.

Whether you leave on Christmas Day or another time of year, it’s fun to make the vacation look and feel like a gift Christmas morning. Here are five creative ways to gift wrap a Disneyland vacation.

Mickey Balloon Surprise

This balloon surprise is about as easy as it gets, plus, it’s super cute too! Here is your list of supplies:

  • Large box
  • One Mickey or Minnie Mouse helium balloon from the store, with string attached
  • 2-5 regular helium balloons in coordinating colors to fill your box, with strings attached
  • Large card printed with “We’re Going to Disneyland/Walt Disney World!”
  • Tape
  • Wrapping paper to cover the box

Buy your balloons at the last minute so they will float through Christmas morning. Attach the announcement card to the base of the Mickey balloon. Tape the ends of the balloon strings to the bottom of the box so they don’t float away when opened.

Tuck the balloons inside the box and tape it shut. Wrap the box for Christmas morning. Get your video camera ready for the big reveal!

Mickey Mirror Surprise

Another easy and economical way to surprise your kids with a Disneyland vacation is with this Mickey Mirror Surprise. Here is your list of supplies:

  • One round hand mirror (preferably black)
  • One sheet of black felt
  • A flat sheet of cardboard – about half the size of the felt
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Scissors
  • A card that says “Look Who Is Going to Disneyland/Walt Disney World!”

The mirror is Mickey’s face, and you’ll add ears with the cardboard and felt. Place the mirror onto the sheet of cardboard and draw two ears onto the cardboard. Cut the ears out of the cardbaord.

Place the ears onto the black piece of felt. Cut two pieces of felt for each ear to cover each side of the cardboard. Cut the felt a little larger than the cardboard, especially at the bottom of the ear.

Hot glue felt to both sides of the cardboard ears. Leave a little cardboard unglued at the bottom of each ear. This will help them attach more securely to the mirror.

Hot glue the bottoms of the ears to the mirror, then glue any loose felt into place. Attach the card to the mirror, or wrap them together in a gift box.

Rapunzel’s Maze of Hair

With this surprise, your child will follow a trail of Rapunzel’s golden hair throughout your house. It leads them to a vacation surprise! Here is what you need for this project.

  • One skein of yellow yarn
  • One Rapunzel doll (or one for each child)
  • A note explaining that the child needs to follow Rapunzel’s yellow hair for a surprise
  • A card that says “We are going to Disneyland/Walt Disney World!”

String the yarn around your house or yard. Place the instructions at the beginning and the announcement and doll at the end.

For Christmas morning, you could start the search at the child’s bedroom and have it end at the tree. Or start it at the tree and have it end somewhere else. You can get as creative with this one as you like!

Social Media Surprise

Here’s an idea for teens who regularly use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This can work for any type of vacation – not just Disney.

Post photo hints of your vacation without a caption on your social media account. For Disneyland, you could post a picture of a plane, Mickey Mouse or even a churro. If you’re headed to a more tropical location, post a picture of a palm tree, ocean or even a weather report.

Post enough photos that your teen will notice most of them, but not so many that they’ll figure it out more quickly than you want. After a few days, or even a couple of weeks, post all the photos together in a collage with the announcement. Be sure to tag your teens so they are sure to see it!

Suitcase Reveal

Last, but certainly not least, is the biggest surprise of them all. If you can keep a secret long enough, my absolute favorite way to surprise your family with a vacation is having everyone’s suitcases packed and ready to go in the car on Christmas morning. They won’t even know that they are leaving on a trip until they walk out the door!

I hope this list gives you some fun ideas that will help you give the gift of travel this Christmas.

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