Tips for Planning a Trip to Bermuda

Posted By Katie on Sep 3, 2014

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Bermuda is a dreamy, carefree island destination.  But before you take off with nothing more than your flip flops and a swimming suit, here are a three tips for planning a trip to Bermuda.


Rental cars are not allowed in Bermuda. Tourists can travel by scooter, bus, ferry, or taxi. The bus system appears to work well but you will need to be check the bus schedule to make sure your transportation works with the activities you are planning.

When my husband and I visited, we rented a scooter and had a great time cycling around the island.  Bermudians drive on the left-hand side of the road, so be prepared for that if you rent a scooter.  If you rent a scooter, you will want sunglasses or protective eyewear and closed-toe shoes.  It is possible to drive a scooter in flip flops, but it is much safer and easier on the feet to do it in tennis shoes. Tips for planning a trip to Bermuda |

The ferry system is a great way to travel between Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyards.  You can take a scooter on the ferry.

Consider your transportation needs carefully, especially if you are traveling with young children.

Tips for planning a trip to Bermuda |

Hamilton, Bermuda


Bermuda is a classy island.  You will not find people wearing swimming suits all over the island.  People generally cover up when they leave the beach.  Nudity or topless bathing is not allowed on any public beaches in Bermuda.

Evening attire is more dressy.  For dinner in a nice restaurant, men should wear at a minimum a collared shirt, and perhaps a blazer or coat and tie.  However, Bermuda shorts are perfectly acceptable.  It is common to see men on the island in Bermuda shorts with dress shoes and knee-high socks.  Women should wear skirts or dresses and sandals or heels for an evening out.

Tips for planning a trip to Bermuda |

Islands of Bermuda


Many people forget that Bermuda is not a Caribbean island.  When we were first planning a trip to Bermuda, my husband was thrilled to find such affordable hotels in early March.  Airfare and hotels were extremely affordable and we nearly booked our tickets for a dive trip.  Thankfully, I checked the water temperature and realized it would be about 66 degrees and not quite as warm as the Caribbean water I was anticipating.

The water is warm and delightful May-October, with surface temperatures around 80 degrees, but it cools off in the winter and early spring.

Bermuda is filled with beautiful golf courses, and if you want to golf in 60-70 degree weather, play tennis, and sit on the beach watching the waves, spring may be a delightful time for you to visit.

Check the weather and make sure it is appropriate for whatever activities you are hoping to enjoy in Bermuda.

Should you go?  Absolutely.  Bermuda is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited.  I felt safe, Bermudians were friendly and helpful, and the beaches are luxurious. Use these tips for planning a trip to Bermuda to make sure you visit at the best time and then relax and enjoy your vacation.

Looking for accomodations in Bermuda?  Consider Elbow Beach, Bermuda, a luxury resort on some of the best beach in Bermuda.  For ideas on what to do, check out our Bermuda page.

Tips for Planning a Trip to Bermuda |

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  2. What you can walk to depends on where you stay, but I think you would need to plan to take a bus, ferry, or taxi to many of the sites in Bermuda.

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