7 Ways to Save Big on Travel

Do you want to travel more?

One of the biggest challenges of family travel is how much it costs. Airfare, activities, dining… the cost of everything is multiplied by the number of people in your family! Does it make you wonder how some families afford to travel as much as they do?

I know how you feel. My family has lived and traveled on a single five-figure income for most of my marriage and there were plenty of years when our travel budget was small. Still, we traveled several times per year because it was important.

Travel isn’t a frivolous expense. Studies show that families who spend more time together are stronger. Kids (and adults) who travel learn countless things that can’t be taught as effectively in school. People who spend their money on experiences instead things are happier.

Travel makes families stronger, smarter and happier!

Here’s how we do it

I’ve created a mini course with seven ways that my family keeps costs under control when we travel. It includes tips for saving money on airfare, food, souvenirs, activities and more. My family recently saved $1,000 on our spring break airfare with Tip #1!

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