Ghost Crab Hunting along the Atlantic Coast

Posted By Katie on Jul 10, 2014

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Ready for some screams and shouts from your kids on vacation?  Spend an evening ghost crab hunting for an experience you will never forget.  A trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina would not be complete for my family without a late-night trip to the beach to hunt ghost crabs.

What are Ghost Crabs?

Atlantic ghost crabs are iridescent, sand-colored crabs that can be found on quiet beaches along the Atlantic coast.  Generally around 2-inches in diameter, these small crabs are relatively harmless.ghost crab

Where can I find Ghost Crabs?

Reportedly found as far north as Bald Head, Rhode Island, and as a far south as Florida, ghost crabs are abundant along the coast of the Outer Banks and other East Coast beaches.  Shy creatures, ghost crabs spend most of the day burrowed in the sand but come out in droves at night.

How to hunt Ghost Crabs

If your family is up for an adventure, all you need to hunt ghost crabs is a flashlight, a bucket, and a little courage.  My children love wearing headlamp flashlights so their hands are free to catch the ghost crabs.ghost crab

Head to the beach as soon as it gets dark.  Shine your flashlight and watch them scamper across the sand.  When a ghost crab is caught in a flashlight beam, they generally freeze for a few seconds before scampering away.  This is a great time to snap a picture or surround the crab if the kids want to try catching one.

My children have discovered that the best way to catch a ghost crab is to toss a little sand on it, which helps it feel safe and reduces its likelihood of running off.  Approach from behind the crab to avoid the pincers, and gently press your finger on the back of the crabs shell.  Once you have it securely trapped in the sand, you can pick it up by the shell and place it in a large bucket.ghost crabs

If you do decide to catch ghost crabs, please make sure to enjoy them for a few minutes and then release them back to their natural habitat.  Once we end up with a bucket of ghost crabs, our family loves to play “chicken” by standing in a circle and dumping the ghost crabs in the middle of everyone’s feet and watching them scamper off.

If your family would like to catch ghost crabs without touching them, consider this inventive product called the ILLUMINET, which is a flashlight and net all wrapped up into one.

Hunting ghost crabs is a unique, memorable experience sure to bring squeals of delight (or terror, in the case of my three-year-old) and memories that last a lifetime.

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