Favorite Photo: San Diego Zoo Koala

Posted By Allison on Jul 8, 2012

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San Diego Zoo koala

This is the only time I’ve ever seen a real koala. This photo was taken at the San Diego Zoo in 2009. Even though these little guys don’t do much, they are awfully cute.

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  1. oh my adorable! My 2 year old loves Koalas and calls them zooala bears.

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  2. You got such a great photo! I can’t tell you how long we stood by the koalas trying to get a good pic when we were at the San Diego Zoo. Emma loves them and desperately wanted a photo but they were all partially hidden behind branches. She was taking pics with her camera and I was using mine and we just kept moving around to get different angles trying to get one that she was satisfied with. Eventually she got upset and gave up!

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    • I didn’t realize that this was such a lucky shot. I hope you get to try again before too long!

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  3. Can’t get much cuter than that! Nice shot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a koala — even at the zoo.

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  4. Love Koalas. The only animals that can out-sleep my teenagers. You really did get quite a nice shot of this one. Now you can start a lifelong quest to get a picture of one with it’s eyes open.

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    • LOL. Are koalas nocturnal? I lived in the heat of the Australian outback I’d probably want to sleep all day and only move at night. It would be pretty cool to get a photo of a koala with its eyes open.

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  5. I LOVE koalas, they are awfully cute! Good shot!

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